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QA about Smart Home Automation

Started by on Oct 09, 2017 – Last touched: Oct 09, 2017

Oct 09, 2017 02:27 pm    

Welcome to our new Forum where you can engage in a question and answer forum with colleagues and information specialists.
This is a forum about home remodeling and automation, this is a good to converse interactively and share knowledge, experiences, and socialize.
If you have been to The Ripon Project you can see that Mark and Vicki have been busy rennovating this lovely Victorian Home in Ripon WI. You can also see that the site is growing and we are very happy with that, this article is announcing that The Ripon website will also be undergoing some upgrades!

Our Goal:

Becoming a source for our fellow Smart Home Enthusiasts and DIY, House Flippers, Fixer uppers fans and the like,


How to Videos, (we make sure that we are doing the work correctly and that it meets housing codes and safety regulations)

Materials used and the costs, (so you can prepare for a similar project you can do).

Instructions on how to do the job.

Questions and Answers Forum

Welcome, Thanks for visiting our site!

We love having this opportunity to take a house that is over was built in 1902 and it has an addition that gives us roughly 3092 sq feet of livable space right now anyway, there is so much space in the attic and all over that they didn't even count! We will make many structural changes to this house and Automate it with the lastest and greatest technology products and appliciances.

Hydronic Heat upgrades, there are old cast iron radiators and they suffered damage from the freezing pipes with water in them. We started replacing the iron pipes with PEX and will be posting videos for you do it yourselfers, so stay tuned and come and visit the blog and the Ripon Project Website.
Plumbing upgrades, these pipes were also rusted and cracked from the elements and the freeze from the 3 Winters it sat unoccupied. We have replaced some of the plumbing just get the water flowing on the first floor.
Kitchen, replace and upgrades to furnishings, plumbing, electricity, lighting and Smart Appliances that can be accessed through Apps on your phone, tablet or PC.
Floors, the floors are mostly hardwood and just refinishing, the kitchen floor is the worst and the wood could not be used due to the water damage from the bursting radiators. We are going to put Maple Hardwood flooring and video tape the whole process!

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