Mission | Vision

Provide a full range of support services for the development of business and manufacturing processes products and services. Advanced Business Intelligence management, utilizing analytics and data mining. Web and App Development, Hosting Solutions, and Web Image Photography and Graphics Creation. Implement applications so a business can add designs, content and process business information.

Focus on VOC and people relationships, team building, planning and managing meetings, events, training, developing solutions and processes. Management of information systems to provide efficiency and effectiveness of strategic decision making. Mapping Technologies that transform data into a portfolio of visuals that help report and predict business opportunities.



IconAnti Virus Protection

We offer specialized care for your computing and communications devices. Anti-Virus Plans and maintenance. We can remove viruses without stripping your data and restore your personal and business computing devices.


Enterprise Network Development

Manage your business how you want it, we make your dream a reality. Get all the tools you need to compete and be pragmatic. Server setup, business system and business intelligence management.


Server Backup Plans

PC Fusion offers Secure Reliable On and Off-site Server Backup, routine and disaster recovery and data protection services. Your business is personal, your data is critical, you are in control when your systems are secure.


VoIP Phone | Global Communications

Voice over IP phone and networking solutions. Unified Cloud Based Communications Saves Money! 8x8 Virtual Office Cloud-Based Phone & Collaboration Integrated Systems end the need for the old PBX Systems and hybrid solutions that cost you more money and manpower hours generated from poor communications.


ECommerce | Enterprise

We offer the latest advances in Responsive web design, that can be viewed from any device, with features like form controls and database development. CMS systems design and implementation. Be customer driven and customer focused with Unified Communications Tools.


Home Computing

Surround yourself with Tech in every aspect of your life. PC Fusion can offer the best products and services to keep you ahead of the game. Access your doors, surveillance cameras, and household appliances. Gain more control over your time and enjoy the luxury that is available today. We can offer the most cost effective solutions.

Our Staff

Photo of Shane

Shane Bajanen

Shane is the President of our company. He is knowledgeable about technology and is constantly learning and experimenting with new ways to use it. He says; If you can imagine it, you can have it.

Photo of Vicki Bajanen

Vicki Bajanen

Vicki is a Consultant that can help you find your most economical and pragmatic solution for your Business, Home, or Office. Enterprise Professional Organizational Development.

Photo of Mark Bajanen

Mark Bajanen

Mark is PC Fusion's Network Engineer Leading Operations and offering VM Ware Solutions, 8x8 IP Phone Services, Remote / Cloud Storage Services, Automated Server File and Database Back ups.